FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of accounts can I open?

MUA Stockbroking Ltd. makes it easy to open trading accounts by filling in an account opening form and CIC, for individuals or Joint Holders, Corporate Investors, Trusts, 'Societes' or Investment Clubs.

  • How do I open an account?

Select the Open an Account link on the website. Request account opening forms, download (or have them sent to you by mail), print, complete and forward to us together with the other supporting documents. Please note that originals or certified copies of documents are required.

  • How do I start trading?

Once you receive your trading account’s user ID and password.

  • What kind of orders can I place?

Order types listed below, can be placed on ABL online.

Limit Order :An order to buy or sell securities, which is placed at a price specified by you.
Day Order   : An order that will be valid up to the closing of the market.
GTC Order  : “Good Till Cancelled' orders will be valid for 30 days starting from the date on which order is placed. They can be removed at any time and will disappear automatically.
GTD Order  : 'Good Till Day' orders will remain on the Web for the number of days determined by you. If they have not been executed the order will lapse and be purged automatically, removed from the list of open orders.

Please note that trading orders are placed on the Automated Trading System (ATS) by time priority.

  • Can I buy or sell shares of any company?

Yes, provided the company is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) and that you have deposited the necessary funds on your account to buy or that the shares that you wish to sell are registered in the system on your name.

  • What are the charges for buying and selling shares?


CDS account Opening Fee (one-off transactions only)  Rs 300

We charge up to a maximum of 1.25% on the transaction value of Equities and for other types please check the link 


  • Deposit Form

Download the deposit form

  • How do I get confirmation for orders and trades executed?

You can check the status of your orders on the website at any time after the close of the day’s trading, where the volume traded and the price will be indicated. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation of executed trades. The contract note will subsequently be delivered to you by post or courier. Please not that any errors observed, must be communicated to us by email or in writing within 24 hours of receipt of the contract note.

  • Can I modify my order?

Yes. At anytime prior to execution, through any communication medium. (By telephone only during trading hours)

  • Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You can cancel unexecuted orders through the web site outside trading hours. During trading hours you may cancel your order by telephone only.

  • Can I put orders after the trading hours?

Orders can be placed for execution on the next trading session or later, at any time

After Market Orders (AMOs)

AMOs will be placed when the market reopens the next day by time priority. So if , you are traveling or busy in a meeting during the market hours, just place an AMO.
To place an AMO, login to your account NOW.

Documents needed for opening of a securities account:

For applications by Individuals, Local/Foreign

  • A National Identity Card / valid Passport or certified true copy of same.

  • A Marriage Certificate where applicable.

  • A recent utility Bill (CEB/ CWA, M-TELECOM) not more than three months old, where the name of the applicant and his permanent address are clearly indicated.

  • In case of a minor, the birth certificate and National Identity Card of both parents will also be required.

  • Foreign individual must open a Mauritian Rupee bank account into which dividends will be deposited.

For Corporate applicants Local/Foreign

  • Registration documents.

  • Statutes

  • List of Office Bearers.

  • List of authorised signatories.

  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration

  • Ordinance of Corporation Incorporated by an Act of Parliament:

  • Board Resolution authorizing the opening of a trading account at CDS.

  • NIC/ valid Passport from at least two directors actively engaged and proof of their permanent residence.

  • A Copy of latest financial reports.

  • Foreign corporate body must open a Mauritian Rupee bank account into which dividends payable by cheque may be deposited by the custodian bank.


  • Trust Deed or Pertinent extracts thereof.

  • Certificate of Registration of Trust

  • NIC/valid Passport in respect of at least two Trustees.


  • Death Certificate of deceased.

  • Affidavit or Notarial deed identifying heirs (notoriété après décès)

  • NIC/ valid Passport in respect of all heirs (KYC document to be filled by heirs as if they were opening a trading account in their own name.)

Applications in joint names

  • Each applicant will however have to submit an individual form indicating the other related applicants.


  • Proxies must produce their Power of Attorney

  • A NIC/ Valid passport

  • A recent utility Bill (not more than 3 months old), where name of proxy and his permanent address are clearly indicated

Certification of documents

Certification of documents should be done by a lawyer, notary, actuary or accountant holding a recognized professional qualification, embassy or consulate of the country of issue of the documentary evidence of identity. The stamp of the certifying institution or person must be clearly affixed to the copy of the documents. The name of the person signing the documents and the capacity in which he or she has acted must be specified.