Our Principal Activities

Raising Finance through the Capital Market
For corporations and institutions that want to raise funds for development in the Capital Market, MUA Stockbroking Ltd assists in organising public issues, private placements.

Brokerage Services
The Company encourages individuals, companies and institutions to diversify their investments through promoting the benefits of trading in securities.

Portfolio Management
MUA Stockbroking Ltd assists clients to build balanced investment portfolios with the objective of optimizing both return and security.

Our customers and staff are regularly provided with regular coaching in matters of finance and principles of corporate governance.

Share Valuation
This is carried out both for quoted and unquoted shares.

Foreign Investment Services
MUA Stockbroking Ltd has established the necessary contacts to enhance foreign investment opportunities for its clients.

Investment Advisory Services
Research and analysis of the market enables MUA Stockbroking Ltd to keep its clients informed of investment opportunities.

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