Privacy Policy

In order to complete transactions and fulfill requests for its services, MUA Stockbroking Ltd., uses personally identifiable data. When making use of services on this web site, we require you to provide personal data. MUA Stockbroking Ltd., may use these data for administrative and analytical purposes such as accounting, billing and audits, marketing, and/or verification of customer-relations correspondence, and/or information systems management when processing, confirming and fulfilling the services you request.

We may disclose, to the extent required by applicable law, personally identifiable data to the regulator and/or government authorities or to third parties pursuant to a subpoena or other legal process. MUA Stockbroking Ltd., may also use or disclose your data as permitted by law to protect its rights, property, customers, web site, or other users.

Please note that MUA Stockbroking Ltd., does not sell any customer data or share your email address with third parties. However, we may disclose customer data to companies affiliated with MUA Stockbroking Ltd., to fulfill supply of the products and services that you request. We may also disclose these data to third parties, who have arranged services on your behalf or necessary to provide you with the service you requested, but only to the extent it is necessary for them to know such data. Additionally, we may combine the data we receive from you with data collected from other sources. These data would be used to provide you with offers and/or services specifically tailored to your interests.